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Did a set with Skibadee on City Sounds Radio (legal station) before anyone knew who he was – gutted I can’t find that tape.

Taught a few mates how to mix back in the day, who have made a name in the scene – not right to mention who 

Life and family took over before my son grew up and bought some decks and I started mixing again at home for fun.  S-Gee convinced me to do a bit more and so I played on Don FM and then LMW FM before securing my regular bi-weekly slot on UK Raw London.

Guest shows an streams all over the place

Regular show on the mighty Life FM

We all love the bass baby and Jungle / DnB does what no other genre can – Jungle will never die!

Peace – BIG Love


I first started mixing on my Fisher Price deck at an age I can’t really remember.  Just recall those colour discs :D. Progressed on to my Dad’s all-in-one hifi (Phono, Radio and tape), where I played vinyl and tried to leave no gaps between tracks and start the next track from a set point and record it on to tape (this is sort of mixing – right?).

Produced an Acid House (well I thought it was) track at the age of about 13 on a 4-track tape machine (for those that know).

From the moment I heard ‘Mr Kirk’s Nightmare’ and seeing someone actually mix live I wanted to learn how.  So, after saving my pennies forever, I bought a pair of Soundlab belt drives and Gemini mixer and taught myself how – no internet in those days. 

Played on a few pirate radio stations including; Trance FM and Mutiny FM. 

Raved in all the usual places of the day, Astoria, Lazerdrome, Rocket, Bagleys, Lydd etc – wish I could have played those venues 

Produced a few tracks in the early nineties, which got played on dub by Frost, Gachet and Brockie.  ‘Nearly’ released on V Recordings and Labello Blanco, but sample clearance issues and other red tape got in the way.